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Hi, I’m Nora Oliver, an European by descent; I’ve seen life amidst struggles except for the first years that I spent waiting for teenage age and all the rumored fun it has. But life has its own unexpected ways of surprising us. When teenage came, along came war and displacement – once landowners, I and my family were dislocated and forced to spend months in a refugee camp. But from how I have lived over the years, life’s been kind too but has always bestowed me with a shower of problems just when I think I’ve found bliss. Maneuvering through the hurdles that nature so perfectly erected to test me every now and then, I’m now an expert life coach, a successful businesswoman, and I proudly consider myself a she-ro (a female hero, maybe?) of my own life – an unexpected divorce, raising three kids with no financial support, and no one to look up to – I stood in the face of everything that life could throw at me and here I am successfully winning every day. If I can, then we can!

This book is my way of thanking life and everyone who has helped me. For all those who need help and don’t know where to look for it, flip the front page of this book and start reading!

I Needed A Hero- So I Became One

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