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My Offerings
(What I Will Do For You)

My main focus is to empower you in all areas such as Mindset, fitness, overall wellness and personal life.


I do this by teaching the methods that helped me break through the very same barriers and help you step up and show you how to fall back in love with you.​


One On One Coaching

If you want to break down the walls that keep you from moving forward, you have to work with someone that has done just that and more.

I work on building a Positive Strong Mindset, Career, Relationships, Finance, Nutrition and Fitness.  All in one package. Minimum of 6 Month Commitment Recommended.


The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

I help structure your goals/dreams and work on building a steady plan.

You will get to live the life you dreamed of but you need to invest in yourself now.

Let's Do This!

  • Police-FIreflighter

    3 000$US
    24 Sessions (40 min)
    Valable 6 mois
    • Free Discovery Call

      30 Minute Consultation
      Valable 1 semaine
      • Meet Nora and see if Coaching is the right fit
    • Gold Package

      3 600$US
      24 (40min) Sessions and (4) 10 min sessions
      Valable 6 mois
      • Individualized plan
    • Silver Package

      Tous les mois
      Valable 6 mois
      • 24 Sessions (40min each)
    • Platinum Package

      4 000$US
      28 Sessions (40 min each), (4) 10min calls and txts
      Valable 6 mois
      • Monthly Program

        Tous les mois
        Monthly Life Coaching Subscription
        Valable 12 mois+ 30 jours d'essai gratuit
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