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Client Testimonials

Meena A.

Noel P.

Medford Police

Officer Spencer

MS (Nurse)

Nora is compassionate, empathetic, knowledgeable and very professional health coach. I have enjoyed interacting with her and look forward to future consultations. Highly recommending to anyone who needs support.

EC (Attorney)

I highly recommend Nora. She is very caring, genuine, empathetic, insightful, bright, motivating, professional and so much more! I have become so much more confident since I have been meeting with her.

NN (Consultant)

After working with Nora, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve greater work/life balance, which was having a significant impact on other aspects of my life. With Nora's supportive coaching style, I was able to gain the confidence and made a significant career move that was long overdue. I'm not sure I would have made the transition without Nora's know-how, encouragement, and support. Nora is able to span the personal & professional spectrums so seamlessly, it's like getting two coaches for the price of one. She's great at understanding the whole person and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to make changes in their life for greater overall satisfaction. As a result of coaching I've decided to open up my own business. Through working with Nora, I realized that life is too short to wait to pursue my passions.

TF (Financial Advisor)

What you should know about Nora…she’s caring, authentic, relatable, professional and intelligent. She enjoys educating and helping people. I am honored to know such a person. Thanks, Nora, for being you.


Nora is a skilled professional who provides thoughtful, practical and empathetic advice and guidance for people seeking changes in their personal and professional lives. She has a talent for encouraging people to see the best in themselves and be the best that they can be. I recommend her with full confidence.

AM ( Writer)

Nora is very talented, calm, patient, empathetic and empowering life coach! She is extremely easy to talk to and very friendly with amazing positive energy that makes you feel at ease. She has a vast amount of knowledge of various subjects. Her advice is sound and her personal attention makes you feel valued as a client! I highly recommend her services.

NH (IT Manager)

Nora is naturally caring, easy to talk to and passionate about guiding her clients to break down barriers to achieve their goals. Her positive energy and approach in every session motivated me to work towards a better version of myself. As a client, I highly recommend her services!

MD (Fitness Coach)

I have worked with Nora on and off over the last year. Being a coach myself I am picky to say the least and I highly recommend her! Nora was particularly helpful when it came to taking actionable steps to better understand who my customer base is, how to market to them and how to be more strategic about how I use my time. I highly recommend Nora if you need help with strategy and taking action.

CK (Chamber President)

Working with Nora over the past year has been amazing. She is so professional yet so down to earth. She is fantastic at what she does, and I would recommend her for one on one sessions or speaking to a group. Thank you Nora for all you do.


Nora is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.

NT (Business Owner)

As a business owner, I need support sometimes on the emotional side of things, and sometimes the practical. Have had a couple sessions with Nora, one a coaching session to help sort out some emotional issues affecting my business; and a consulting session to help me expand marketing ideas for my business. In both sessions she was extremely helpful! She seems quite comfortable and competent working in the different roles of coach and consultant, easily navigating the emotional and practical. Even a couple sessions has made a big difference for me.


Working with Nora has been life changing experience. She helped me to reach new heights in my career and to achieve some long term personal goals. She is extremely personable, passionate, and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly and to begin work with them at whatever stage they're at in their lives. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. She has provided me with resources and tools to help alleviate anxiety, build more confidence and just enjoy life more.   Her methods for improving my communication skills have enhanced my personal and professional relationships in addition to regulating my emotions better.   If you want to improve all aspects of your life I think its worth giving Nora a chance to help you. 

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