Meet Nora

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My Driving Force

I realized I had to take back control of my health, my life, and my happiness.

I realized I had no idea what self-love was but I had to learn it quickly.

I realized I had to start to take radical responsibility for my own health and happiness.

I realized I was the only person who could make the shifts.

I realized that the decision to live my best life lay with me.

I realized I had to stop looking outside of myself to find happiness and start to connect with my inner self, my truth, my soul, my spirit, the bigger me.

About Me

I was born and raised in Kosovo (Europe) and moved to America as a refugee in the 1999s. I was always very self motivated and cared for others on my day to day life from a young age. I began my corporate journey while attending Suffolk University which propelled me into a 13 year executive career in the Wireless Telecom industry managing multiple projects across the North East.


Having gone through a terrible divorce, now a single mother to 3 young amazing children, I fell into a hole the way most people do that go through this. Then Covid came and all became even worse. Struggling daily with my mind, health, finances, raising kids and all with a smile to keep all the pain inside, I began to look deep inside of me and made a plan to do a cleaning of the mind. I did this by watching people wherever I went and paid attention to how they walked, looked and carried themselves. I realized that I was not only alone, but there were too many people stuck in neutral for all reasons and I was not the only one.


I put a plan in place. I made goals, re-wired my mind and became the super hero I so desperately needed. Since I could not find one, I became one.