Toxic people: Why you must remove them from your life

Relationships are a fundamental part of life. No matter what you want to achieve, it is much easier when you have other people who can help and support you along the way. Toxic people treat you badly and give you the wrong idea about what you should expect from relationships. Toxic people take more of your time than good people because they cause more problems and are just hard to deal with. While you will certainly have to deal with toxic people in your life; from my experience, you can quite often just cut them out of your life. The reason you can do this so easily is because while toxic people are more demanding; they offer very little, if any, value to your life.

Not all relationships are equal. If you are a kind, caring person, it is likely that you want to treat everybody equally. That is perfectly commendable and when it comes to treating people with respect and dignity; it is achievable. But it does not mean that you should treat all relationships as equal. Whereas great people will make important contributions to your life and your happiness, joy and success will be greater for it; there are also toxic people who create a lot of problems but contribute little, or nothing, positive to your life. You can treat toxic people with respect without giving them time or attention that they do not deserve. ‘Hello’ is usually enough for these people. They have no desire to return your respect or to add anything positive to your life. So, why give them the time? Stop treating all relationships as equal and start gifting your time and attention to those who are truly worthy of it.

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